Tamzin Williams

March 14, 2018


I can’t believe the incredible people I have met through launching She Rides Her Bike (if even via the internet/social media). I suppose in today’s day an age, that is the norm, and I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of such a wonderful community.

I met Tamzin through our Facebook page. Always an inspiration, and one to keep you motivated. While her journey into cycling began like most, through the right of passage as a child. The difference with her, however, is that she never lost that love of cycling. Fast forward to now, and she is using her bicycle as a way to do her part in the overall greater good, in addition to honoring the love of her sister, by raising money for cancer research.

On May 1st, she, her husband, and a friend, will be embarking on the Sustrans route of LeJog. Beginning in Lands End, they will continue their journey over the next 27 days and end in John O’Groats. That is approximately 1,200 miles in 28 days! Talk about an inspiration AND what a way to honor they memory of her sister, Jill!

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the remarkable, Tamzin Williams of North West England!

Tamzin Williams with her Bike.

Her Ride:

Carbon Specialized Ruby (though for LeJog, a Trek X-Calliber 7)

Preferred Riding Style: 

Love it all!

How long have you been riding? 

Since a very young child, but my first wage as an Ambulance trainee I bought a Raleigh mens racing bike. I was 16. That was 30 years ago

What got you into cycling? 

It was a right of passage as a child to learn to ride a bike  Everyone around me did it  What keeps me cycling now is the outdoors and the amazing scenery

Do you prefer riding solo or with other riders? 

I love cycling with my husband or small groups of friends.

What is one of your happiest moments on your bike? 

The first time I cycled a journey that previously I’d had to sit in motorway traffic on a regular basis to get to. I saw all these amazing and beautiful places that I hadn’t realized were there.

What has been one of your biggest challenges as a cyclist? 

Confidence to keep getting out there due to the ever increasing intolerance of other road users

Have you/ would you travel with your bike?


If so, when and where?!

I’ve cycled in France a few times in the summer trying to cycle some of the Tour de France routes (Only part stages) but getting in at least one big hill.

If you could go on a ride with ANYONE (dead or alive), who would it be? 

I would love to be behind Ian Stannard on a long ride and level wheels with Peter Sagan in a sprint!

 Any tips for the newbie rider?  

Lots! I found a lesson on bike set-up invaluable for getting rid of those cycling niggles.(Numb feet, aching knees, burning thighs etc)  We went to Velovixens free tutorial at the bike show in Birmingham. Bright good quality clothing. Plan your route. Start with lower mileage and quieter roads but try and get a mixture of terrains in such as a challenging hill!  In  the winter I take my bike off road to hone bike handling skills


If you would like to donate to their fundraiser you may do so by clicking HERE!


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