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October 2, 2017

Blog for the Female Cyclist

Ahhhhh, October. Cool air, the crunch of leaves beneath your tires, all the delicious beer, and dare I say, all things pumpkin galore. Hello fall… and WELCOME to the new and improved, She Rides Her Bike! A brand new blog for the female cyclist!

For many, this is the time of year in which they are hanging up their bicycles and calling it a season. I, on the other hand, thought why not launch the new site NOW and inspire you to ride at least a little bit longer? If you aren’t actually riding for much longer, perhaps I can inspire you to live what I consider to be a “bicycle influenced lifestyle” throughout the next 6 months until spring comes a knocking again. (And hopefully I will have won you over and you stick around for the long haul!).

What is this “Bicycle Influenced Lifestyle” I speak of? Glad you asked! Beyond the simple cliche of living a “balanced” life (pun fully intended), I’ve come to fully appreciate just how much of my riding is directly influenced by how I live off the saddle. Of course, the simplest way to live by bike is to actually ride a bike! But what about all the time in-between riding? How does your eating affect your riding? What is your physical activity like beyond pedaling? Are you getting enough sleep? Is work stressing you out? Do you find time to connect with those dearest to your heart? This is all a tangled web and will ultimately affect how you ride, be it for fun, as transportation, or for competition. I am SO excited to dive straight in this month and get to talking about not only all things bike (!!!) but to inspire you to live to your fullest potential both on and off the saddle. A little sneak peek as to what you can expect from us from now on over here at SRHB…

  1. All things Bike! We will be talking about gear and gadgets, giving reviews, offering our tips on favorite things, must-haves, how-to’s, and the like. We will be offering encouragement, discussing our wins, our failures, and all the awkwardness in-between.
  2. Fuel. Meal prep, favorite recipes, how to find what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, etc.
  3. Training/Cross-Training/ General Movement. How you move off the bike, as mentioned above, so greatly affects how you move ON the bike. So we will, again, be offering tips, encouragement, and ideas for keeping you in tip-top shape whether you are pedaling through the winter or hanging your bike up for the year…. there is so much you can do to help maintain those cycling legs!
  4. Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration. We want you to be excited about riding, to be excited about life in-between riding, and to truly live a balanced life. Consider us your personal motivators 😉


I welcome you to join in our mission of encouraging women to saddle up and ride! Sign up for our newsletter! Join our private Facebook group! Peek around the site and let us know what you think/ would like to add/ or what you are most excited about for this new season by commenting below!

Enjoy the Ride,


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