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She Rides Her Bike is dedicated to inspiring women to saddle up and ride. We are a community based group offering daily inspiration, tips, and encouragement to everyone from the complete beginner cyclist to the seasoned riders. 

We are total bike junkies who have one main goal - to get more women on bicycles! We cover everything and anything pertaining to living a bicycle inspired lifestyle. From how-to's, "ah-ha" moments, training wins (and failures), to favorite gear, must have's, and the overall ambition to integrate cycling into our everyday lives.  While we have many a years of experience in the cycling industry/ or out on our actual bikes, we too are works in progress and are always learning more along the way. 

Welcome to our humble little piece of the world wide web!

about us

Who We Are


Brittany has worked on and off within the cycling industry for a collective 9+ years. When she's not out on her bicycle, you can usually find her chasing her kiddo around, concocting something in the kitchen, or kickin it at her favorite local bike shop, Beat Cycles.

Her Ride: Spot Ralleye &
Simcoe Cruiser


Born into a family of bicycle junkies, this little lady has no choice but to tag along for the ride. When not chillin' in the cockpit of her Burley trailer, she's typically up to no good. We hope she keeps her wild disposition. 

Her Ride: Burley Encoure &
Norco 10" Kickbike


While She Rides Her Bike is primarily written and managed by Brittany, we are striving for this to be a community endeavor. Want to share YOUR story? Have an article you'd like to pitch? Send us a note! Just looking for like minded individuals who share your love for bicycles? Awesome! We are thrilled you are a part of our community!




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