3 Reasons to Ride Commando

October 13, 2017



Ahhh, the great debate. Should you wear knickers (underwear) with your chamois or should you ride commando? Maybe it isn’ a great debate at all, but rather a question that is frequently asked. My initial response, as I don’t ever want to make someone feel uncomfortable or belittle them (especially on the spot) is to simply say, “Do you.” Meaning, if you fancy wearing undies with your chamois, go for it. If not, the secret is all yours 😉

Having said that, my advice, as it has been asked, is to skip the undies and go commando and here’s why…

3 Reasons to Ride Commando

  1. Technically speaking, chamois are designed to be worn with out underwear. They are designed to be breathable, to wick sweat away, AND have anti-microbial benefits in the pad. Wearing underwear is an added layer, which not only eliminates these wonderful perks of the chamois, but also holds unwanted moisture in a rather sensitive area; ultimately leading to infection.
  2.  Seams are your groins worst enemy. Add in the perpetual motion of peddling and you’re left with horribly uncomfortable chaffing. And that chaffing doesn’t go away just because you got off of the saddle. Ain’t no body got time for that.
  3. Pantie Lines and Wedgies. Aside from chaffing and sores, is there really anything worse? Chamois are made from lycra, which leaves little to the imagination. Remember how we talked about seams 5 seconds ago? Yeah, there’s no hiding them in lycra 😉 As for the wedgies, I don’t think I need to say anything more about that!


As mentioned above, “Do you!” If you are more uncomfortable riding without your knickers, by all means, find your own comfort zone. A few tips if you ARE going to ride with knickers… Wear sport specific underwear (no cotton, lace, or satin). You want to make sure you wear something that is breathable AND moisture wicking. As for style, all I can say is, avoid wearing a thong. I promise you that nothing good can come from that 😉

For questions or comments, see below! Otherwise, stay tuned into the blog for more tips and tidbits, and be sure to join us over in our Facebook Group!

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