Zero Waste Prepping and the Predicaments I Find Myself In

June 30, 2017

Soon to be produce bags. 

Soon to be produce bags. 

Living a zero waste lifestyle has long been a dream, but one in which I’ve always felt was out of my reach. I’ve made adjustments here and there, and our waste bin is far less full than many of my neighbors. But I long for the day when I can take out JUST my recycling bin. Is that even obtainable? I’m not sure. But there are so many people out there living a life less wasteful than I, and those are the Jones’ I’d like to keep up with. So going into my 30th year, I’m prepping to make some lifestyle adjustments and even if I’m not 100% waste-free, at least I am doing my absolute best.

I have been making mental notes on where I can cut, on things I adjust, etc. The surface is looking pretty good, but it’s when I start digging deeper into the issues where I am finding it difficult to navigate. Take, for example, the grocery store. Reusable grocery bags, check. Reusable produce/nut/spice bags, check. Avoiding pre-packaged, processed food, check. But what about produce that comes in bags, plastic, containers, etc.? Take cauliflower for example. It ALWAYS comes wrapped in plastic. Pineapple? A silly little tag hanging from it with a plastic string as if it were a t-shirt hanging on the rack at Target. Living basil, plastic bag. Avocados, mesh bag. I’m willing to work around the stickers for the time being, but how do I eliminate the waste on simple produce? 

Next, I started thinking about the bathroom. Ok, I can make a lot of my own stuff there, which would eliminate the jungle of plastic bottles I’ve got going on in there. But toilet paper comes wrapped twice in plastic….

I’m making my own weed killer. Dawn (plastic bottle), Epson Salts (giant plastic bag), Vinegar (was able to find glass bottled, but plastic cap). Even trying to make my own stuff leads me to plastic road blocks. Are you seeing my predicament here?

Again, I am not saying I must live 100% waste-free, but what is more upsetting to me is that I truly wonder how possible it even is in the packaged, plastic crazed world we live in. Anyone out there find alternatives or solutions to such roadblocks?

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